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Family and Adolescent Services

Family and Adolescent Services believes “Early Intervention Makes all the Difference.” We provide a broad range of preventive and community-based programs for children, adolescents, adults, and families. These programs are designed to develop strategic support resources to help the child/adolescent and adult resolve emotional and behavioral problems arising from a myriad of at-risk factors. One of our primary objectives is to increase resilience and stability by improving the individual’s social skills, life skills, and family relationships.




Family and Adolescent Services believes in providing treatment services for individuals that will enhance the overall cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development from early childhood through adolescent and adulthood.  We provide therapeutic activities, counseling, and group sessions.


It is Family and Adolescent Services’ goal to support social competence and improve daily functioning for children, adolescents, and adults.


Our belief is that individuals experiencing challenges (e.g., social, emotional, behavioral, or economic) difficulties are confronted with challenging variables that affect positive development and growth.  Family and Adolescent Services strives to provide best practice intervention strategies that will motivate change in the individual’s functioning and deter behavioral challenges.  We provide intervention strategies that build collaborative and supportive relationships with the family, home, school, and community.