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Mental Health Skill Building Program

Family and Adolescent Services offers Mental Health Skill Building Services which support structured activities toward independent living skills. We encourage clients to remain in their community as productive members.  Individual sessions are designed to address deficits in skills that are preventing the individual from independently functioning in society.
Family and Adolescent Services assists clients by providing services and options required to meet health and human service needs. The counselor and client work together on the development and implementation of the treatment plan with a primary focus of wellness and learning from past challenges. We do this by providing person-centered and evidence-based treatment services that promote mental and physical wellness.

Who is Eligible?

  • Individual must be 18 years and older
  • Individual must be diagnosed with a serious mental illness or suffering from a dual diagnosis.
  • Individual must have significant impairment in major life activities.
  • Client’s needs include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Anger management issues
    • Social skills building and development
    • Marginal connection with reality
    • Deficit of respect for self and others
    • Lack of alternatives to violent behavior
    • Lack of positive coping skills
    • Deficits in interpersonal relations
  • Mental Health Skill Building Services recipients must be Medicaid eligible.

How it Works:
Referrals are accepted from physicians, courts, parole and probation, hospitals, social services, churches, non-profit agencies, families, and individuals can self refer.  If the prospective client is under twenty-one years of age, an assessment must be conducted by the Community Service Board to determine eligibility. After eligibility has been established, a Family and Adolescent Services’ clinician will conduct an assessment as well.  If the prospective client is twenty-one or older, a Family and Adolescent Services’ clinician will conduct an assessment. Once it has been established that Mental Health Support Services are needed, the client’s individualized service plan will be established by the client and the clinician. 
Family and Adolescent Services’ Mental Health Skill Building Services Program will provide treatment and support interventions that will include, but are not limited to education and training on skills of independent living to ensure health and safety.  It also provides professional coordination of services with referral agencies, addressing assessed and identified issues and challenges.  Counselors will work with clients towards competency and adaptive functioning.



Family and Adolescent Services believes in providing treatment services for individuals that will enhance the overall cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development from early childhood through adolescent and adulthood.  We provide therapeutic activities, counseling, and group sessions.


It is Family and Adolescent Services’ goal to support social competence and improve daily functioning for children, adolescents, and adults.


Our belief is that individuals experiencing challenges (e.g., social, emotional, behavioral, or economic) difficulties are confronted with challenging variables that affect positive development and growth.  Family and Adolescent Services strives to provide best practice intervention strategies that will motivate change in the individual’s functioning and deter behavioral challenges.  We provide intervention strategies that build collaborative and supportive relationships with the family, home, school, and community.