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Outpatient Counseling Services

Our focus is to provide a wide variety of community-based mental health counseling services. Family and Adolescent Services provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages. Our therapists are trained to utilize evidence-based, best practice interventions. The staff is comprised of licensed and licensed-eligible professionals with several years of experience.
They are clinically trained to assist individuals with daily stressors: Depression, anxiety, trauma survivors, anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse, marital conflict, and issues of abuse & neglect. In addition, our clinicians provide therapy for foster care children; individuals moving towards independent living; and those participating in Employee Assistance Programs.

Our therapy is conducted in a safe, secure, and family-like environment that helps to encourage individual and family involvement. This helps to ensure a more accurate diagnosis that will facilitate a more structured treatment plan that helps individuals to overcome emotional, social, and educational challenges.

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals, ages 4 through adulthood
  • Individuals that require treatment in order to sustain behavioral or emotional gains or to restore cognitive functional levels, which have been impaired.
  • Individual must be diagnosed with a serious mental illness or suffering from a dual diagnosis; serious mental illness includes, but is not limited to deficits in peer relations, deficits in dealing with authority; hyperactivity; poor impulse control; clinical depression, or demonstrates other dysfunctional symptoms having an adverse impact on attention and concentration; the ability to learn; or the ability to participate in employment, educational, or social activities.
  • Individual presents a reduction in individual adaptive and coping mechanism or demonstrates extreme increase in personal distress.
  • Individual can be Medicaid eligible; private insurance; or private pay.

How it Works:
The perspective referral source contacts Family and Adolescent Services to make an initial verbal or written referral for Outpatient Counseling to the Clinical Director or designee. Referrals are accepted from physicians, courts, parole and probation, any other professional agency, or parent(s)/guardian(s).
The Clinical Director will conduct an assessment to determine the prospective client’s diagnosis and an individualized service plan.  The client will receive twenty-six sessions in the first year of treatment and an additional authorization is required for additional service. The client will be discharged when the goals of the service plan have been met.



Family and Adolescent Services believes in providing treatment services for individuals that will enhance the overall cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development from early childhood through adolescent and adulthood.  We provide therapeutic activities, counseling, and group sessions.


It is Family and Adolescent Services’ goal to support social competence and improve daily functioning for children, adolescents, and adults.


Our belief is that individuals experiencing challenges (e.g., social, emotional, behavioral, or economic) difficulties are confronted with challenging variables that affect positive development and growth.  Family and Adolescent Services strives to provide best practice intervention strategies that will motivate change in the individual’s functioning and deter behavioral challenges.  We provide intervention strategies that build collaborative and supportive relationships with the family, home, school, and community.