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Substance Abuse Outpatient Service Program

Substance Abuse Outpatient Service Program is designed to help clients abstain from alcohol and substance use, reduce criminal activity, improve psychological functioning, and build skills for employment.

The services offered can vary greatly from drug education and counseling to more comprehensive and intense programs that address multiple needs. In general, individuals can expect to be involved in both one-on-one sessions and group therapy.

Behavioral therapy, family therapy, and motivational interviewing (a counseling style that focuses on changing your behavior) are some of the approaches that typically will be used. Over time, individuals will become more accustom to expressing their emotions and sharing their stories. They will work on the issues surrounding their addiction and learn new skills to handle situations where they normally would use drugs or alcohol.

Service Goals

  • To assist clients with exploring obstacles to maintaining a drug-free and productive lifestyle
  • To offer clients support
  • To help clients refine refusal skills
  • To provide opportunities for clients to develop communication skills and to participate in socialization experiences; this is particularly useful for individuals whose socializing has revolved around using drugs and alcohol
  • To introduce structure and discipline into the often chaotic lives of clients
  • To provide norms that reinforce healthful ways of interacting and a safe and supportive therapeutic milieu that is crucial for recovery
  • To advance individual recovery; group members who are further along in recovery can help other members
  • To advance individual recovery; group members who are further along in recovery can help other members

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial Insurance as well as private pay, and we serve individuals participating in Employee Assistance Programs.


Family and Adolescent Services believes in providing treatment services for individuals that will enhance the overall cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development from early childhood through adolescent and adulthood.  We provide therapeutic activities, counseling, and group sessions.


It is Family and Adolescent Services’ goal to support social competence and improve daily functioning for children, adolescents, and adults.


Our belief is that individuals experiencing challenges (e.g., social, emotional, behavioral, or economic) difficulties are confronted with challenging variables that affect positive development and growth.  Family and Adolescent Services strives to provide best practice intervention strategies that will motivate change in the individual’s functioning and deter behavioral challenges.  We provide intervention strategies that build collaborative and supportive relationships with the family, home, school, and community.